We're having meatballs! Supper at six. 

Hey! Iā€™m Rachel. Thanks so much for stopping by our little table! This is the place where I hope you'll be inspired to spend some time connecting with your family and friends around a great meal. I spend most of my time with Oliver, my super sweet toddler and my handsome husband, Jon. We love to host dinner parties, dance to our record collection and watch classic movies.

My husband and I spend most of the day conversing through text messages. I send him pictures of our toddler trying to balance things on his head and he makes sure I don't miss anything important from the world wide web. While I'm glad we can stay in touch during the day, our text conversations certainly leave us wanting more connection. The dinner table has become a place for us to do just that and to really be present with one another. It's our happy place. We can unplug from the demands of the day, put our phones and computers away and look at each other, smile at one another and be perfectly silly together. The food can be fancy or humble, it doesn't always matter, as long as we have something good to eat. 

We are excited to eat with you, laugh with you and encourage meaningful connections with those you love. Come on over and join us for supper at six.