short menu


This week we are heading to my home town in the mountains for a long weekend in a cabin with some dear friends. In the forest is where my soul finds rest, where I breathe the most comfortably and where I feel most like myself. We're going to spend a whole day swimming in the lake, jumping between the water and the trees and then as the day fades away, we'll look up in wonder at the blanket of stars. I'm looking forward to Oliver to spending more time in the woods where I learned how to be a kid and where I realized how small I really was in comparison to the glory of God's creation. 

My menu this week is just about as easy as it gets and abnormally short, too. We are leaving on Thursday morning, so I wanted our meals to be simple and easy enough for me to cook with my eyes closed. I have relied a lot on pre-marinated meat and quick cooking grains, making quick work in the evenings. I'll be cleaning, packing and doing some food prep for our trip, so an easy week will help me stay on track. I'll be sharing some of the late summer recipes I'll be bringing along this weekend later in the week, so stay tuned. 

What's on for your weekend? 

menu // august 24-26 // No book this week

Monday: Grilled bulgogi from Trader Joe's with pre-cooked brown rice and quick sautéed broccoli

Tuesday: Grilled Santa Maria Tri Tip from Trader Joe's with pan roasted potatoes and kale salad

Wednesday: Beef tacos (with left over tri tip), with avocado, red onion, cilantro and salsa verde with smashed pinto beans and rice

Thursday-Sunday: CABIN! Woot!